About Our aspirations are our possibilities.

gunnercookeOperating Partners was established to provide Private Equity firms with rapid access to the highest quality management expertise, in order to maximise the value of their investments and increase opportunities for value creation.

Our Operating Partners are ‘partners’ in the truest sense of the word, working collaboratively as the conduit between the Investment Partner and their investee companies.

We are able to support across all stages of the investment cycle, from strategic / operational planning and implementation of best practice, through to due diligence, transaction and post acquisition integration.

We have deep first-hand experience of executing successful transactions; from those crucial first 100 days, to exits via trade sale, flotation or secondary buy-outs.

Fast facts

600 years + combined experience within private equity backed businesses

150+ successful investments

100+ successful exits

160+ CEO directorships held

= One Operating Partner Team

Key commitments

The authority of experience

A team with unrivalled commercial leadership expertise, who are committed to sharing the benefit of their experience with others in the same position.

Proven track record

Every gunnercooke Operating Partner has grown, led and successfully exited high growth businesses. 

Shoulder to shoulder

We stand fully alongside our clients, not simply offering advice – but working hard to implement and deliver.

Unflinchingly driven by results

We take ownership of problems and pleasure in solutions. We prioritise what matters and we are pragmatic about what doesn’t. We’re unafraid to take tough decisions and to support you when you make them.

We do this because we’ve been there.

A blueprint for successPancake Breakfasts

gunnercookeOP’s run a series of pancake breakfasts in London and Manchester to facilitate discussion across our market place. These primarily target those operating in the Private Equity market and high growth SME businesses.

Our pancake breakfasts cover what we believe to be a ‘blueprint’ for success and each breakfast will focus on one specific lesson (examples of which are shown below).

Defining what can be achieved:  This covers rigorous and dispassionate strategic due diligence by building a fact base of the business and it’s industry; derived demand analysis; customer analysis; competitive analysis; environmental analysis and microeconomic analysis

Articulating the Vision: Focusing on 3 to 5 big initiatives, People, Process and Product

Accelerate success: (partnering with management for quick successes, KPi’s , looking at compensation)

Harnessing all stakeholders: Working with Operating Partners, getting the most from non -executives and Chairmen, when to bring in consultants, working with Private Equity, using  professional advisors effectively.

Creating a results focused business: cultures, behaviours, processes and sustainability