May 29, 2021
Tony Lockwood

Operating Partner

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A proven approach to smooth the delivery of transformation across an organisation is to have a structured engagement with the wider team.

In my experience there are 6 core principles that you should apply to get this right – they are;

  1. Know who will be affected by the change – what it will mean for them and whether they support or oppose the change.
  2. Don’t focus all your attention on senior management. They are very important to support the project and the change, but the affected staff have to actually put the change into operation – they need to know what they should do, why, when and how.
  3. Develop a plan for communication – have clear objectives for every group of stakeholders – put yourself in their shoes – what would you need/like to know and when.
  4. Involve layers of people.  To reach and engage a large audience is a huge task.  Develop a network of champions across the organisation (opinion leaders) who can assist.
  5. Enable the business to ‘own’ the solution.  Get key business people involved in working out the solution and test it for robustness with a wider audience.
  6. Keep going.  Business engagement is on-going throughout the Transformation.  It can be tough and requires energy, commitment and resources to make it happen.

Adopt these core principles and plan your activity and communication early and continue to engage with the team throughout the process of transforming your organisation.

To learn more about this and other proven approaches to delivering successful business transformation, drop me an email and we can arrange a call.

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