Standing side by side with businesses

Unlike conventional management consultancies, we take a fresh, pioneering approach to supporting our clients - every gunnercooke Operating Partner has a vast background in starting, building, buying and exiting companies. We know what it takes to build teams capable of delivering results and we pride ourselves upon bringing this knowledge and experience into your business.

gunnercooke Operating Partners was established to provide both management teams and their investors with rapid access to the highest quality management expertise, in order to maximise the value of their investments and increase opportunities for value creation. We operate under the same innovative business structure as our sister brand, gunnercooke LLP - each Operating Partner has the autonomy and flexibility to build their advisory practice, yet benefits from the deep expertise of their fellow Partners. Together, we have more than 600 years' cumulative experience in leading businesses and we pride ourselves upon bringing that expertise directly to your boardroom.

Operating Partners are ‘partners’ in the truest sense of the word, working collaboratively with businesses to maximise their success. We are able to support businesses across any stage of their lifecycle, from the tough, long days as a start-up, where every penny and decision is personally vital, to managing the transition to a larger entity, where people, processes and pressures are at a totally different level.