Bringing the benefit of our experience to your boardroom

Every gunnercooke Operating Partner has held leadership and Executive board positions, and we believe in bringing the benefit of our experience to your boardroom. Within the gunnercooke Operating Partner community, we have knowledge and experience across most business sectors in Enterprise and SME organisations, making us an ideal independent guide to your CEO and board.

Key benefits of using a gunnercooke Operating Partner

A strong Chairman is an important role in the effectiveness of a board’s operations. The Chair leads the board, sets the agenda and ensures that those running the company form an effective working group. 

They must promote a culture of openness and are responsible for effective communication with Shareholders. They also must ensure that all board members receive accurate, timely and clear information. In taking on a Non-Executive Chair role we offer: 

  • An independent challenge to the Executive Team and a fresh perspective on their deliberations
  • To help establish the overall strategic direction of the organisation in a period of change
  • To ensure that the statutory and governance duties of the organisation are discharged effectively; and that the interests of a wide range of stakeholders are properly considered
  • To instil a culture of continual improvement and performance management
  • To promote an integrated ethos throughout the organisation and foster a culture where safety and wellbeing are paramount
  • To provide experienced, well-informed advice to the Chief Executive
  • To provide constructive challenge to the policies, proposals and plans developed by the organisation, and contribute to the development of strategy
  • To ensure that decisions made by the Board follow proper procedures, are supported by enough high-quality information and are robust and defensible
  • To support the executives in leadership of the organisation while monitoring their conduct. Assist the Chief Executive to develop the organisation to meet its future challenges and responsibilities
  • To scrutinise the performance of management in meetings, agree goals and objectives and monitor the reporting of performance
  • To ensure that financial information is accurate, and that financial and operational controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible
  • To provide vertical or general experience input to the board and the management team
  • To leverage our contacts to assist the company with its objectives

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