Operating Sphere

Behind every gunnercooke Partner is a multi-disciplined army of resources.

The gunnercooke Operating Sphere consists of all of the resources within gunnercooke that are able to support our clients including access to our Operating Partners and Consultants alongside our vast external network of professional intermediaries and Approved Service Providers.

The Operating Sphere is an information hub providing thought leadership, best practice, case studies and topical advice from our Operating Partner team as well as the ability to undertake a detailed search of our talent base locating the appropriate skill set, experience, geographical location and availability your organisation needs.

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Our Clients

All gunnercooke clients are invited to join the gunnercooke Operating Sphere, providing them with access to a vast network of expertise and a wealth of resources to support their business's growth.


A gunnercooke Partner is responsible for running either a geographic or vertical practice area, directing a team of Operating Partners and consultants, as well as undertaking both roles and assignments on behalf of clients.

Operating Partners

Our Operating Partners each have many years experience as successful business leaders. They may have grown companies in challenging markets, or are an authority in vertical markets, with specialisms in defined business areas as well as general business knowledge and experience.


Alongside our Partners, we have an expert network of consultants, who form a key part of the delivery team. They have deep expertise in a specialist area and will support the Operating Partner on the delivery of a specific project or assignment.

Associate Partners

An expert network of professionals that we maintain close relationships with. These organisations add value to our clients' organisations across many business situations, from accounting and commercial banking, to private equity houses and insolvency practitioners.

Approved Service Providers

Our Approved Service Providers may be able to add value to a client's business around a specific issue or event, such as planning a company car scheme or insurance provisions. We maintain a large supplier network across many industry sectors, which enables us to support clients in solving lots of day to day business challenges.