Board and Governance Review

Experience tells us that the key to business success is having your house in order

When you are heavily involved in the day to day running of your business, it can be difficult to get a sense of whether bad habits are creeping in. Having an independent advisor look at the consistency of your processes can provide a clear roadmap for the best way forward. Our Operating Partner Board and Governance Review process delivers an independent review of both current and potential investors, directors and key stakeholders on the underlying processes, disciplines and consistency of the board that deliver the governance and external reporting of the board.

What do we review?

Our Operating Partner team comprises experts with vast experience of positioning companies for success. Our review process can be conducted as either a short ‘snap shot’ exercise or a longer-term strategic plan, dependent on your business requirements. We look at: 

  • Board composition, skillset and experience across all key areas of the business
  • Board attributes including culture, group dynamics, gender and cultural diversity
  • Compensation, incentives and review process
  • Succession planning, recruitment and induction
  • Personal and team development
  • Areas of vulnerability
  • Declaration of interests
  • Committees and their function
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk assessment
  • Code of ethics
  • HR and litigation escalation
  • Budget approval process
  • Board meetings frequency minutes and actions

How the review works:

  • Request data from the stakeholders in all key areas
  • Carry out one to one and group meetings in order to gather and test the data
  • Request further information or conduct research where applicable
  • Review with the board our findings, giving the opportunity to discuss and agree these and the subsequent recommendations we will make taking all comments on board.

What happens next?

Following a detailed review of all of the information we gather, we will deliver a full report with our recommendations on next steps for each area of the business. We deliver this report in written format, in addition to meeting for face to face feedback discussions with your management team or key stakeholders. 

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