Company Disposal

You need a trusted partner to help you exit a business

Preparing and successfully executing the trade sale of an organisation requires the structure and assembly of a detailed plan that provides the platform for a successful exit that maximises the existing shareholder value whilst providing the opportunity for the ongoing management team to move forward to further success under new ownership.

Culmination of many years work

The sale of an organisation may be the culmination of many years work with much at stake.

The preparation of documentation the initial sales process, subsequent presentations meeting and due diligence combined with the potential unsettling of the current team dynamics has the potential to disrupt business as usual, put potential key employees and customers at risk of defecting.

Vast experience in this area

gunnercooke has operating partners that have vast experience in this area as an acquirer and seller as well as undertaking the disposal process from a private equity perspective. We are able to assemble and execute all facets of the project keep all stakeholders aligned and informed at all stages of the process ensuring BAU whilst the process is underway.

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