Distressed Business Recovery Workshop

Distressed Business Recovery Workshop

Unfortunately, in the normal course of business, there are times when a company runs into financial distress. These periods can be emotionally stressful and high pressured for all involved, especially for company directors, who have a duty to act in the best interests of their company and its shareholders. Directors faced with this situation need good, unbiased advice in order to ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders, whilst ensuring they comply with their fiduciary duties. That's where we come in.

What can we offer to companies in distress?

Led by experienced  gunnercooke Operating Partners, our Distressed Business Recovery Workshop looks at all options available to the company and quickly works towards putting a rescue plan in place.We call upon expertise from across our Operating Sphere, to ensure that clients have the best possible guidance, standing side by side with the management team to give an unbiased view on making tough decisions. 

The one day workshop is carried out to determine if the company has reached the point of insolvency or if the business can be saved with rapid action. If insolvency is unavoidable, we will work with you to appoint appropriate Insolvency Practitioners and necessary advisors. The workshop will help us to:

  • Understand the current and ongoing financial position
  • Review the options for the company
  • Review the options for the directors
  • Agree any potential ongoing trading position

How the review works:

We understand that the process of reviewing a business in distress can create a further burden for a stretched team, so we aim to work collaboratively with business directors to gather the information we need. In order to gain a clear picture of the business’s position, we will look at: 

  • Company ownership and the structure of the Board of directors 
  • All loans and investments 
  • Financial and operational position of the Company
  • Future trading forecasts
  • Company and personal liabilities
  • Suppliers, customers and staff
  • Potential savings
  • Sources of funding

The workshop will step through each one of these areas in turn to determine if the business can be saved.

Following the workshop

Following the workshop, we will provide the directors with a detailed report with recommendations on the best way forward. We can deliver this report in the most appropriate way for the business, be it face to face working sessions with your team, or written reports for your review. 

We are on hand as a trusted advisor to guide your business, investment or team through this time. When emotions are running high for all stakeholders, we can be the calming influence to guide you through. 

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