Rapid Response Advisory Panel

Rapid advice from a panel of experts when important decisions need to be made

When an organisation is faced with an unexpected incident, be it a challenge or an opportunity, you need commercial advice on putting a strategy in place - and you might need it fast! The gunnercooke Rapid Response Advisory Panel brings together the vast knowledge and experience from across our business, to help address issues quickly in yours.

Putting together a Rapid Response Advisory Panel

The beauty of a Rapid Response Panel is that it can be just that. If you need to gather expert advice on a way forward – whether it is to maximise an opportunity or to mitigate a risk, an expert team of advisors from across our Operating Sphere can be quickly assembled to support you. 

At the outset, a gunnercooke Operating Partner will take time to question and understand the challenge you face, before identifying the best individuals to support you on putting a solution together. They will then set up an appropriate time for the group to ‘meet’, facilitated by technology, which ensures that we can assemble the group at short notice. 

Each Advisory Panel will comprise up to four industry experts assembled to review specific questions pre-prepared by you and your gunnercooke Operating Partner. The outcome is a clearly defined route forward, which will be documented by the Operating Partner and discussed with you following the panel session. 

Why gunnercooke Operating Partners?

gunnercooke Operating Partners stand side by side with businesses, working in a trusted capacity to ensure that these businesses improve their performance, increase their momentum and ultimately – generate higher returns for all stakeholders.

Together, we have over 600 years’ cumulative experience in successfully growing and exiting companies of all sizes and across all sectors. We give investors the assurance of knowledge, expertise and authority, delivered with a healthy measure of practicality and common sense.

We advise with absolute conviction of the value we add to portfolio companies.

Why? Because we’ve been where you are, and we’ve stood in your shoes.

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