NEDplus – a different perspective

Are you getting real value from your Non Exec Directors and professional advisors?

What would be the impact on you and your organisation if you could quickly and simply access legal, HR, strategy, supply chain, financial, marketing, IT expertise?

Most CEOs would jump at the chance but many don’t as they cannot justify the cost?

Well Now, You Can!

Our NEDplus approach enables you to replace your existing NED(s) and multiple legal/ professional advisors, by providing you and your Board with access to a dedicated team of advisors and lawyers on a fixed monthly subscription basis, often for no more than the cost of a single NED!

The necessary ‘challenge’ to you and your team will remain, but the cohesive nature of the NEDplus approach will ensure that you get consistent advice. Advice that has been thought through both from a practical and legal perspective,

To find out how our NEDplus approach can support you to achieve your short and longer term goals, contact us today and one of our senior team will work with you to understand your needs and offer advice as to whether NEDplus can help you

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