Best Practice

Keeping the Great in Great British Manufacturing

Sometimes an industry faced with unique challenges needs to establish an ambitious vision to reinvent itself for the future, in particular, Keeping the Great in Great British Manufacturing. Here, I share my vision for a digital revolution in the Great British manufacturing industry. Remembering a Quality Heritage Innovation and high-quality have always been synonymous with our […]

6 essential elements for successful transformations

Over the years, you get a sense of what ‘good looks like’ and a ‘nose’ for spotting things that just don’t feel right! How is this applicable to Transformations? Well, in all my years, I’ve found that if organisations have these 6 elements entwined within their Transformation narrative, they are much more likely to succeed. […]

The Importance of Strong Governance in Family-Owned Businesses – Seminar

We recently hosted the final seminar in our Family Owned Business series. In this session, we considered the importance of having a strong governance process across all aspects of your organisation, whilst highlighting the recent changes in the regulatory framework that may well affect your business in the near future. You can watch a repeat […]

The One Secret for Business Success

Just listening to the High Performance podcast with Jake Humphreys, Damian Hughes and Christian Horner, the Team Principal of the Red Bull Formula One racing team and he reminded me of the #1 secret for business success. You would think that when asked about the number one element that determines success in F1, Christian would […]


During periods of change, communication is key to ensure that you can take the people on the change journey. The following 9 elements should be considered when pulling together a communications and business engagement plan across the end to end project lifecycle. Use Stakeholder Analysis as a basis and use the communication planning template – […]


A proven approach to smooth the delivery of transformation across an organisation is to have a structured engagement with the wider team. In my experience there are 6 core principles that you should apply to get this right – they are; Know who will be affected by the change – what it will mean for […]