Building a Winning Mentality in Your Business

To build a winning mentality in your business, the best vision and strategies are the ones that you can easily bring to life. They are so clear that everyone can imagine what they will look and feel like and can fully believe in. One of the best examples I’ve witnessed was at a Premier League […]

Keeping the Great in Great British Manufacturing

Sometimes an industry faced with unique challenges needs to establish an ambitious vision to reinvent itself for the future, in particular, Keeping the Great in Great British Manufacturing. Here, I share my vision for a digital revolution in the Great British manufacturing industry. Remembering a Quality Heritage Innovation and high-quality have always been synonymous with our […]

Management Consultancy Redefined

Management Consulting Definition According to Wikipedia, “management consulting is the practice of helping organisations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.” Now, whilst we could debate at length what management consultants actually do. It seems pretty clear that they will all share the ultimate aim […]

Company Cars – The Alternatives Seminar

Are you a fleet manager or decision-maker in a business with company cars? Our seminar “Company Cars – The alternatives” covers a broad range of topics including: The new company car tax rules (released last week!) The new testing regime – WLTP Electric cars and PHEVs Company vans Provision of private fuel Alternative schemes With […]