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2024 Predictions for Digital Assets

2024 is predicted to be a pivotal year for prominent Crypto and Digital Assets firms with mainstream product offerings. With the backdrop of evolving developments and dynamics in the cryptocurrency and digital space, recent rulings and applications by corporate companies as well as global economic factors at play will start to see an increase in […]

Unleashing Leadership Potential: Navigating Business Transformation with the 4 Styles

In the dynamic landscape of business transformation, effective leadership is the linchpin that propels organisations towards success. Leaders who understand and adopt different styles can guide their teams through change and drive exponential growth. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the four key leadership styles for transformation and share a success story from a […]

Embracing Business & Organisational Change

To understand the need to embrace change it is first necessary for an organisation’s leadership to establish and own the need for change. Possible/likely examples of need are: Current processes are failing to deliver the intended or required outcome The business is currently failing or under performing and needs to recover The business has a […]

Strategic Insights for Manufacturing Excellence – Putting People Processes and Technology First

Someone once asked me what strategic insights could I offer to help guide the long-term direction of their manufacturing company? To guide the long-term direction of a manufacturing company, it’s crucial to focus on three key aspects: People, Processes and Technology. People First: Creating a workplace culture that prioritises people involves more than just acknowledging […]