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The Future of Factories: AI Revolutionising Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly revolutionising the manufacturing industry, enabling machines to perform humanlike tasks and transforming factories and manufacturing processes. This comprehensive article explores the current solutions being implemented, envisions future advancements, and examines the possible impacts of AI on factories and manufacturing in the next 10 years. The integration of AI in manufacturing […]

Bridging the Gap between IT and OT for Smart Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing, a revolution is underway as Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) converge, redefining the way organisations operate. The convergence of these traditionally separate domains is a catalyst for smart manufacturing, enabling a seamless flow of data and insights that drive efficiency and innovation. The Distinct Realms of […]

FCA warns about common issues with crypto marketing

Written by Grace Aimilie Du’Arte-Dulaine and paralegal Holly Joseph. This week, the FCA has identified three common concerns with cryptoasset financial promotions: 1. Promotions claiming the safety, security or ease of using cryptoasset services, and not emphasising the risks involved. 2.  Risk warnings having small fonts, hard-to-read colouring or non-prominent positioning, and thus not being […]

HMRC updates CEST tool for IR35 determinations

HMRC has rolled out an updated Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool which took effect from 2nd October 2023. What is CEST? CEST is HMRC’s free IR35 tool that poses a series of questions about contractors. These are designed to determine whether they should be taxed in the same way as permanent employees or […]