Global Supply Chains & the Race to Reshore It sounds great but where to start …

The combined challenges of COVID and BREXIT have shown just how complex supply chains have become.  Low labour cost countries are becoming increasingly expensive when the cost of logistics and stock are considered so how should companies shape their manufacturing strategy?  Resource in the UK is finite so how do UK Manufacturers make the right […]

Strategies for an aging workforce   

What are the driving factors?  Recently published 2022 statistics show that the average age of workers in manufacturing, supply chain and warehousing in the UK is 42.6, and the proportion of workers that are aged 50 and over has increased and is running at 37% with workers over 65 having increased by 60% since 2000.  […]

Systems & Controls in Owner Managed Business & Small Medium Enterprises – Maturing models

The UK has many many fantastically successful Small & Medium Enterprises (‘SME’s) and Owner Managed Businesses. Despite this however, there does come a time where external support is often needed, for example, to: Mitigate risk; Improve Performance; and Obtain additional funding. The advantages of such Businesses tend to focus around: Control & Speed of decision […]

Technology Build for Smart Factories

In an era where technology is reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace, manufacturing plants stand at the forefront of innovation. The integration of advanced IT infrastructure and systems has become the driving force behind optimising Operations, enhancing productivity, and propelling businesses towards a new era of efficiency. However, embarking on such a transformative journey requires […]

Are you struggling to get VAT refunds from uncooperative UK suppliers?

If your business is outside the UK and you’ve purchased goods from UK suppliers charging 20% VAT, you might be frustrated when they refuse to invoice you VAT-free. Even if you have all the necessary documents proving that the items were exported, your UK supplier might still not cooperate. What’s the situation? UK suppliers must […]

Can your non-business organisation claim back VAT?

In some instances, you can! You might be eligible to get a refund on the VAT you’ve paid through a government scheme. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the information you need to know about reclaiming your VAT and answer some common questions. Who can claim? The VAT refund scheme is open to various […]

Are you overpaying in foreign VAT to overseas suppliers?

Many medium to large multinational corporations in the UK encounter a specific challenge: the inadvertent overpayment of foreign VAT to overseas suppliers. In this article, we delve into the issues and propose practical solutions for multinationals to effectively mitigate this problem. What is the situation? This issue arises when businesses end up paying more VAT […]

What are the challenges of recovering VAT for non-VAT registered UK charities?

UK VAT poses big problems for UK charities not registered for VAT. Unlike VAT-registered businesses, they cannot directly reclaim VAT on purchases. In this article, we explore the main difficulties and possible solutions. VAT Registration Charities with taxable turnover over £85,000 must register for VAT in the UK. This lets them recover VAT on purchases. […]

Are you a UK VAT-registered charity or not-for-profit organisation? If so, are you claiming back all the VAT you are entitled to?

It’s easy to miss out on reclaiming VAT on your purchases. Here are some common issues: Partial Exemption Calculations: Charities often have business activities where they apply VAT and non-business activities that are exempt. This is called partial exemption. You might calculate the percentages wrongly and miss VAT on business expenses. Incorrect VAT Allocation: Assigning […]

The Future of Factories: AI Revolutionising Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly revolutionising the manufacturing industry, enabling machines to perform humanlike tasks and transforming factories and manufacturing processes. This comprehensive article explores the current solutions being implemented, envisions future advancements, and examines the possible impacts of AI on factories and manufacturing in the next 10 years. The integration of AI in manufacturing […]

Bridging the Gap between IT and OT for Smart Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing, a revolution is underway as Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) converge, redefining the way organisations operate. The convergence of these traditionally separate domains is a catalyst for smart manufacturing, enabling a seamless flow of data and insights that drive efficiency and innovation. The Distinct Realms of […]

Unleashing Leadership Potential: Navigating Business Transformation with the 4 Styles

In the dynamic landscape of business transformation, effective leadership is the linchpin that propels organisations towards success. Leaders who understand and adopt different styles can guide their teams through change and drive exponential growth. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the four key leadership styles for transformation and share a success story from a […]

Embracing Business & Organisational Change

To understand the need to embrace change it is first necessary for an organisation’s leadership to establish and own the need for change. Possible/likely examples of need are: Current processes are failing to deliver the intended or required outcome The business is currently failing or under performing and needs to recover The business has a […]

Strategic Insights for Manufacturing Excellence – Putting People Processes and Technology First

Someone once asked me what strategic insights could I offer to help guide the long-term direction of their manufacturing company? To guide the long-term direction of a manufacturing company, it’s crucial to focus on three key aspects: People, Processes and Technology. People First: Creating a workplace culture that prioritises people involves more than just acknowledging […]